Neutralizing Antibody Test

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Th cPass® Neutralizing Antibody test is designed to provide individuals with critical information on their body’s ability to defend itself against COVID-19. Neutralizing antibodies are the specific marker for COVID-19, and cPass® is the only test on the market that is FDA emergency authorization approved that targets these markers. Not all antibodies specifically mark COVID-19, and no other general ‘antibodies’ test pinpoints COVID-19 fighting neutralizing antibodies like ours does.

This one-of-a-kind at-home test indicates the presence of neutralizing antibodies that can detect past COVID-19 infections, vaccine effectiveness, and potential immunities.

How Epitome Risk’s Neutralizing Antibody Test Works:

    1. Order test here
    2. Gather sample collection with full Epitome assistance
    3. Ship directly to our lab (FourthWall Testing) in pre-paid, Pre-addressed package
    4.  FourthWall Testing will determine presence of neutralizing antibodies
    5.  FourthWall will provide a quick response via email with expert assessment of COVID-19 risk


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