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When You Know Your Numbers, You Can Make Informed Decisions

Advocating for yourself and knowing your numbers is the best way to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. Despite all the noise, and misleading information, there is only one way to know how well your body is protecting you against COVID-19. 

Neutralizing Antibodies. 

They are the key, because Neutralizing Antibodies (commonly referred to as NEUT’s) pinpoint the exact markers that signify if your body is able to fight off COVID-19 or not. 

We offer the only at-home cPass® neutralizing antibody test available today. 

Get yours today, it’s good when you know.

About FourthWall Testing

FourthWall Testing is a subsidiary of Epitome Risk Solutions. We offer turn-key testing services, including the only at-home cPass® neutralizing antibody test available on the market, to both our business clients as well as the general public. 

In October 2021, FourthWall Testing is launching the All Health Portal, a state of the art, secure and HIPAA compliant application, available to everyone wishing to order and securing rapid turn around of their medical tests. 

FourthWall Testing is led by Doctors and industry experts with over 75 years of experience in drug research and development. Our goal is to serve our clients ethically, providing outstanding service and support in the areas where we have expertise. 

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You Can Rely on FourthWall CLIA-Licensed & COLA-Accredited Lab

FourthWall is a CLIA-certified and COLA-accredited molecular laboratory, meaning your organization can trust that test results are meeting and exceeding industry standards for clinical and medical laboratory testing.  

The Commission on Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) is a national healthcare accreditation organization. Accreditation is only given to laboratories that apply rigid quality standards in daily operations, exhibit ongoing accuracy in the performance of efficiency testing solutions, and pass meticulous on-site laboratory inspections.

CLIA number: 10D2214177

Defend Against Virus Exposure With FourthWall


Exclusive COVID-19 Testing Solutions


48-Hour Lab Turn Around Time


White Glove Service

Neutralizing Antibody Kid

How Epitome Risk’s Neutralizing Antibody Test Works:

  1. Order test here
  2. Gather sample collection with full Epitome assistance
  3. Ship directly to our lab (FourthWall Testing) in pre-paid, Pre-addressed package
  4. FourthWall Testing will determine presence of neutralizing antibodies
  5. FourthWall will provide a quick response via email with expert assessment of COVID-19 risk

For enterprise orders, please contact

Partner With FourthWall Testing & Epitome Risk Solutions for Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Solutions

Interested in complete COVID-19 compliance, safety, and support services for your business? Contact us and tell us about your organization so we can help you implement the best risk mitigation and testing solution possible.

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